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Mo’Ne Davis just made history with her badass ‘Sports Illustrated’ cover



There is more blood than water flowing here in Gaza.
A German journalist in response to the water supply shortages caused by the incessant airstrikes. (via transparent-flowers)
We are outraged when an Indian police officer tells a rape victim she should marry her attacker but not when a California judge says a woman wasn’t really raped because she didn’t put up enough of a fight. We are outraged at 24,000 rapes in India but not 188,380 in America.

Hoopstatic - First World Problems

I really recommend reading the entire article. Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape culture - it’s a tough article but very important. 

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Officers have tanks now. They have drones. They have automatic rifles, and planes, and helicopters, and they go through military-style boot camp training. It’s a constant complaint from what remains of this country’s civil liberties caucus. Just this last June, the ACLU issued a report on how police departments now possess arsenals in need of a use. Few paid attention, as usually happens.
The worst part of outfitting our police officers as soldiers has been psychological. Give a man access to drones, tanks, and body armor, and he’ll reasonably think that his job isn’t simply to maintain peace, but to eradicate danger. Instead of protecting and serving, police are searching and destroying.
If officers are soldiers, it follows that the neighborhoods they patrol are battlefields. And if they’re working battlefields, it follows that the population is the enemy. And because of correlations, rooted in historical injustice, between crime and income and income and race, the enemy population will consist largely of people of color, and especially of black men. Throughout the country, police officers are capturing, imprisoning, and killing black males at a ridiculous clip, waging a very literal war on people like Michael Brown.



Look, the South, however you want to define it, has a very long and painful history concerning racism and discrimination that can never be forgotten and is still developing in many ways today, BUT if you want to pretend like racism is solely a Southern problem and not an American problem then you need to go directly to the nearest copy of the Constitution and read the Three-Fifths Compromise and then continue on to the rest of the American History that your 8th grade whitewashed textbook didn’t teach you and sit down and reflect on your new knowledge. This country was founded on slavery. On racism. On discrimination. This history still haunts us today and has very real, serious consequences for many people. Systematic oppression, racial profiling: THESE ARE AMERICAN ISSUES. The South and its people are not your scapegoats.



There’s a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state. The other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.
That quote comes from Battlestar Galactica’s Commander Adama. He says it in the second episode of the first season of the series, “Water”, written by Ron Moore. That episode is 10 years old. (via the-goddamazon)


me around small children

Me always.

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Do y’all have any one gallon glass containers?… I made five gallons of prison hooch in my bathtub and I need something to put it in.
Today in retail.




Six-year-old me wanted to be just like Hallie Parker with Annie James’ accent.