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NATO protests:

"During a march that began in the West Loop but wound its way downtown, a female protester tried to take an officer’s bike at Balbo Drive and Wabash Avenue. When an officer grabbed her, other protesters tried to free her. As the crowd surged toward the officers, at least one officer took out a baton and struck a protester. Another officer pushed a protester to the ground… The bulk of the crowd dispersed into groups on Lincoln Avenue, Irving Park Road and other nearby streets, sporadically stopping at intersections to sit. A few stragglers stayed behind and taunted one of the mayor’s neighbors as he sat on his porch with his black Labrador." (via Chicago Tribune)

"The protesters gathered at the el station, some donning hospital gowns, and prepared to walk through the neighborhood, ringing door bells to ask people where the nearest mental health clinic is. The el station is a few blocks from the mayor Emanuel’s home. Their direct action was intended to annoy his neighbors. The protesters were to meet later at Horner Park, just over a mile west for a rally. It was reported they interfered with and delayed several scheduled athletic events, including baseball and softball games.. Many of the protesters had “media passes”. The passes stated they were “citizen journalist” documenters for Occupy Chicago or what ever Occupy group they represented. Many also had the latest greatest electronic and media gadgetry, all made by the very same corporations they are protesting. Corporations who, are owned or led by the 1%. Some of those corporations are government and defense contractors.” (via Washington Times)

Raw Video: Demonstrators Protest NATO

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