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They finally told the truth — this is not about debt. If the Speaker and Mr. Ryan are right, why are they feeding us this austerity Kool-Aid all the time? Why are they sabotaging the economy by throwing hundred of thousands of jobs away in the sequestration? Why are they stunting our future by cutting the legs off our R&D programs and the National Institutes of Health? And why are they asking seniors and kids and the sick and the poor to go without health care and food security to pay for a fantasy crisis? Why? Because they have needed an excuse to do what they have been attempting for generations to do and that is disable the safety net, to get rid of Social Security, to get rid of Medicare, to get rid of unemployment, to get of everything that makes a social safety net in a civil society. This charade is built on the fundamental deception that we are on the brink of an economic apocalypse, so the politicians can wipe out programs that people need so that they can give tax breaks to the people at the top.
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