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In the climate of ongoing tensions between Sudan and South Sudan, I am deeply concerned that armed movements are seeking to destabilise Darfur. I reiterate my call on the armed movements to discard the logic of war and to join the peace process for the sake of the long-suffering people of Darfur.



I always say we will not take the people of South Sudan back to war, but if we are being aggressed like this we will have to defend ourselves. I am appealing to the citizens of the Republic of Sudan, especially the mothers, not to allow their children to be dragged into a meaningless war.

Kiir told lawmakers to a standing ovation that he had told UN chief Ban Ki-moon in a telephone call Wednesday that “if you are not moving these forces of Bashir out of Abyei, we are going to reconsider our position and we are going to head to Abyei.”

In Khartoum, Bashir said “our brothers in South Sudan have chosen the path of war, implementing plans dictated by foreign parties who supported them during the civil war.

"War is not in the interest of either South Sudan or Sudan but, unfortunately, our brothers in the South are thinking neither of the interests of Sudan or of South Sudan," he told reporters.

This week’s clashes follow border fighting that erupted last month between the neighbours, and which each side has blamed the other for starting. (source)



Regarding the talks, I don’t think in this situation there will be talks. How can you talk with people who have occupied your land? But now we ask the international community to exert pressure on the government of South Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately from this part of Sudan.

Sudan: No Talks With South Sudan After New Clashes

Sudan is accusing South Sudan of launching attacks in Heglig and surrounding areas with the help of local rebels who have been fighting Khartoum since June of last year. The south says it pursued Sudanese troops into Heglig after repulsing an attack Tuesday.

The African Union issued a statement Wednesday urging both sides to respect each other’s territorial integrity. It also called on the south to remove its troops from Heglig.

The AU is trying to mediate bitter disputes between the two Sudans stemming from the south’s independence last year. But the talks in Ethiopia’s capital have made little progress.



What we expect to achieve is the cessation of hostilities. We will stop the fighting that is there, and ensure that this does not erupt into war between the two countries.