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Wait... How Many School Districts Are Suing Greg Abbott, Texas GOP??


Aug defines a grifter as: A grifter is a con artist—someone who swindles people out of money through fraud. If there’s one type of person you don’t want to trust, it’s a grifter: Someone who cheats someone out of money.

Historically, grifters have taken many shapes. They were the snake-oil salesmen who rolled into town promising a magical, cure-all elixir at a price. The grifter was long gone by the time people discovered the magical elixir was no more magical than water. They were the sideshow con men offering fantastic prizes in games that were rigged so that no one could actually win them. They were the Ponzi scheme operators who got rich promising fantastically high investment returns but returning nothing for those sorry investors at the bottom of the pyramid.

Over the last few years we have seen the rise of a new grifter—the political grifter. And the most important battle being waged today isn’t the one about which party controls the House or the Senate, it’s about who controls the Republican Party: the grifting wing or the governing wing.
Former GOP Rep. Steve LaTourette, pointing out that people like Ted Cruz are merely using the Tea Party movement as a gravy train to enrich themselves — and that this is hurting not only the Republican Party, but the nation. (via quickhits)




Now Perry is trying hard to check all the boxes he missed a few years ago. “The last 20 months,” he informs me, “have been spent in a fairly intensive prep mode on all the big issues that face the commander in chief of this country.” Twenty months: In other words, Perry has been working on a reboot since before Mitt Romney’s corpse was cold. Last July, he announced he would not seek a fourth full term as governor. Freed from the Texas trail, he has devoted much time to stumping for fellow Republicans across the country, gathering chits, and reintroducing himself to voters in states such as Florida, Pennsylvania—and, of course, Iowa… THE NEW PERRY isn’t just working harder than his 2012 incarnation. He’s also seeking to occupy a different political space. Last time, Perry ran as a conservative firebrand. This time, with Cruz and others sucking up all the oxygen on the right, he is trying out a new message. Forget the wild-eyed cowboy squawking about how Texas might be forced to secede from the union. Today’s Perry is pitching himself as a thoughtful, seasoned elder statesman.



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Obama readies executive action on immigration



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Obviously McConnell is saying some nonsense about impeachment and Obama is laughing because the GOP is a joke.




President Obama’s got some advice for Republicans in Congress: Help expand opportunity for more Americans.



I think your question is to the Indian government. We certainly share your sentiment, and we certainly will advocate that on behalf of the U.S.
Nisha Biswal, State Department assistant secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs, in response to Rep. Curt Clawson (R-FL) mistakenly addressing her and Department of Commerce colleague, Arun Kumar, as Indian citizens.




I’m a small-business owner who is very proud to be a Democrat. I think that we do our state harm when we portray all Democrats as left-wing liberals or all Republicans as far-right extremists. I belong to a big party with diverse interests, and we’re not going to agree 100 percent on every single issue. But what we do agree on is that you move forward, and you do the things that are going to create success for the future. When I look at the Democratic convention, we were having fun, we were energized, we had hope. When I look at the Republican convention, they were mad, they were angry, and that was quite visible. Now, are both bases energized? Of course. But, you know, the Democratic party went through its own purity battles. It didn’t work out very well. When the pendulum swings too far to one side, in time the people will correct that.