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Kofi Annan accompanied by former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa called for police reforms and peaceful elections while expressing concern over low turnout at voter registration centers in preparation for Kenya’s upcoming elections. Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki echoed these sentiments, ”If you care to hang around and don’t register you are useless… because you are not participating in the development of Kenya.”



Regarding the talks, I don’t think in this situation there will be talks. How can you talk with people who have occupied your land? But now we ask the international community to exert pressure on the government of South Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately from this part of Sudan.

Sudan: No Talks With South Sudan After New Clashes

Sudan is accusing South Sudan of launching attacks in Heglig and surrounding areas with the help of local rebels who have been fighting Khartoum since June of last year. The south says it pursued Sudanese troops into Heglig after repulsing an attack Tuesday.

The African Union issued a statement Wednesday urging both sides to respect each other’s territorial integrity. It also called on the south to remove its troops from Heglig.

The AU is trying to mediate bitter disputes between the two Sudans stemming from the south’s independence last year. But the talks in Ethiopia’s capital have made little progress.



What we expect to achieve is the cessation of hostilities. We will stop the fighting that is there, and ensure that this does not erupt into war between the two countries.





Intense fighting has raged in Somalia’s capital with African Union (AU) peacekeepers encountering fierce resistance from al-Shabab fighters as they pushed to Mogadishu’s outskirts for the first time.

Supported by tanks, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), said on Friday that it had driven the fighters out of the coastal city’s Mogadishu University as well as the Barakaat cemetery, leaving the two sites under government control.

"This is the first time AMISOM has been able to secure an area outside the parameters of the city, allowing them to defend greater Mogadishu from the exterior," Paddy Ankunda, AMISOM spokesman, said in a statement.

The al-Shabab fighters, who pulled most of their troops out of the capital in August, but still hold pockets of territory
on the northern outskirts, acknowledged losing ground, but said they had trapped the advancing force.

(via Al Jazeera)