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Israel fires on Palestinian fisherman, the US media says nothing. An open field is struck in Israel, the US media acts as if the sky is falling.
Remi Kanazi (via refuse-to-compromise)




MAKE A WISH-GAZA by Loulou d’Aki (2012)

Make a Wish is an investigation about the dreams and visions of a selection of 21st Century youngsters, for youth is the age of all infinite possibilities. The aim of the game is to open up the range of the research around the planet. In the whole picture, each chapter presents individuals in some group or situation, as to throw a light on the articulation between, -on one hand origin, cultural heritage, religion, climate and geographic position -and on the other hand, freedom. *This is the chapter shot in Gaza the days before, during and after Operation Pillar of Defense.

1. View on an open space hit in an Israeli air strike during operation Pillar of defense.

2. Ahmed Zayed, an 18-year old fisherman in the rubbles of what used to be his home in Salateeh area, until it was destroyed in an Israeli air strike a few hours before the truce between Israel and Hamas after the 8-day Operation Pillar of Defense.

3. The stables next to what used to be Yasser Arafat’s headquarters until it was destroyed in 2001 by Israeli helicopter gunships in retaliation for a suicide bombing.

4. Open space struck in an Israeli air strike during 8-day Operation Pillar of Defense.

5. 21-year old Maraam Homed is very active on Twitter; she sees it as a way to communicate to the world what is going on in the Gaza strip. She is the only Gazan to Tweet in french and was recently invited to Paris on a conference trip.

6. Amel Ashgar, 24 studies psychology and sport but would like to go to France and work there where women have more freedom to practice sports.

7. Alaam Abu Ansa, a 19-year old student of Technology and Medical science, stands in front of his garden where a Qasam missile hit ground without exploding this morning in Khan Yonis, southern Gaza strip. 

8. Mahmoud Sarsour, 23 from Tal El-Hawa after Friday prayers. He studies Civil Engineering at the Islamic Universtiy and believes that this is the best time to reach a united Palestinian leadership in order to change the situation.

9. Alah Ahmed Daama attends The Right to Live Society; a special school for Gazans with downs syndrome, established in 1993.

10. Jasmine Nebieh, 24 used to teach Yoga in the stadium before it was destroyed in an Israeli air strike during Operation Pillar of Defense. She studies Sport Psychology and would like to work with children in Spain.

11. 19-year old Abdallah Al-Rhaman works with his brother Ahmed; together they make a living by performing with horses in weddings and ceremonies, just like their father used to do. 

12. Amaha El-Naga, 16 lives with her 7 family members in Khan Yonis buffer zone. The day after Operation Pillar of Defense truce people stroll up unto the border for the first time.

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Made up of mostly of people of Eritrean and Sudanese descent, thousands of Africans living in Israel marched through the country’s capital to protest the ill-treatment of African migrants.

According to BBC Africa, the protest was spurred by “a law that allows illegal immigrants to be detained for a year without trial.”

Full story on the BBC’s website.




Ramallah, Palestine, Dec 2003: “Resistance is not terrorism”
Photography by; scottmontreal.


Ramallah, Palestine, Dec 2003: “Resistance is not terrorism”

Photography by; scottmontreal.



When I criticize Israel I’m not saying Palestine has never done wrong. When I criticize Israel I’m saying that this is not a fair fight. When I criticize Israel I’m not saying Israelis don’t have a right to security. When I criticize Israel I’m saying this is a struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor. 

There was an extra credit lecture on Jerusalem for my Islam class this past Thursday that I couldn’t attend because I had to work. Today in class our professor asked those of us who went to talk about what they learned and how it went. The lecturer talked about the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and how Israeli children have to run to bomb shelters during their playtime because of the bombs. There was also a Palestinian speaker, but the original speaker defended Israeli actions by saying they were only in response to the Palestinians attacks. Right. Stealing people’s land, continued harassment and intimidation, unlawful arrests… Yeah. Totally unprovoked. Apparently the audience was largely ‘pro-Israel’ as well. Suddenly working retail doesn’t seem so bad.



We did not interfere in the affairs of any country and are not involved in the events or differences or internal conflicts of any country. This [is] our position regarding … Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and all Arab and Islamic countries. We only act in the Palestinian arena and our guns are turned only toward the Zionist enemy.
Ismail Haniyeh, the Gaza Strip’s Hamas prime minister, on Saturday denied reports that his group was involved in the fighting in Syria and Egypt.




…a probable CW [chemical weapon] nerve agent production facility and a storage facility… at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert. Other CW production is believed to exist within a well-developed Israeli chemical industry.
A recently unearthed CIA document reveals that American surveillance satellites possibly uncovered Israel’s stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in 1982.




On behalf of President Obama, I am pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement that establishes a basis for resuming direct final status negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This is a significant and welcome step forward.
Secretary Kerry, July 19, 2013 (via statedept)




Two Palestinian schoolgirls going to school THROUGH the"Israeli" Apartheid Wall.


Two Palestinian schoolgirls going to school THROUGH the
"Israeli" Apartheid Wall.