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This is truly a wonderful thing. Bravo.


The barbarian hordes invade Bachmann’s offices… and they have glitter! Gay activists glitter-bomb the offices of Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, to protest the Bachmanns’ support of “reparative therapy” to turn gays straight.

I love these people.




Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’

 (by thinkprogress5)

“When trying to figure out where presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gets her stringent, anti-gay views, you only have to look as far as her husband. Dr. Marcus Bachmann, who has described himself as his wife’s “strategist,” runs a Christian-based counseling center in Minnesota that has been rumored to offer reparative treatment for those looking to “ungay” themselves.” more…

Note that Dr. Bachmann, supposedly has a PhD in in Clinical Psychology - which he got from Union Institute & University - and that may have been as difficult to get as Michelle’s law degree from Oral Roberts University. Any psychologist worth his salt would know better than to say the things this man says in this video.

 Can you un-ignorantasshole yourself?