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Schools may have to dig deeper to pay oil company tax breaks

Valero, a major Perry contributor, stands to benefit most from the property tax refund, with a potential $92 billion dollar refund.  Perry has received $147,895 from Valero, more money from the company than any other politician in the country except one.  Valero first applied for the exemption in 2007 and were denied.  Now they’re appealing and asking for payments retroactive to that year.  Four other companies are following suit.  If approved, twelve other refineries will also be eligible for the same tax break.

Both Governor Perry and the three commissioners have hinted that they will support the tax break.  The fact that everybody else pays their fair share of taxes and schools are cutting everything from pencils to busing while big oil gets a tax break stinks almost as bad as the refineries themselves.  Almost.

(Source: nomoretexasgovernorsforpresident)