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Wait... How Many School Districts Are Suing Greg Abbott, Texas GOP??

Gov. Rick Perry, who has been using taxpayer dollars to pay his defense lawyers, will tap campaign funds from now on to compensate the attorneys who are fighting his felony indictments, his spokesman said Wednesday night… State records show taxpayers have spent about $80,000 so far to represent Perry as he faced criminal investigation. He was indicted last week on two felony counts stemming for allegedly abusing his office with a threat to veto funds destined for the state’s public integrity unit, which oversees public corruption cases.



Grand Jury Indicts Perry Over Integrity Unit Veto




Leaked audio reveals the horrifying tactics of Texas abortion protesters

Tracking license plates, walking picket lines, harassing employees and misleading patients — anti-choice protesters have a plethora of tactics for accomplishing their No. 1 goal: eradicating abortion in America.

Just how far these advocates are willing to go was highlighted in undercover audio secretly recorded from a mass training session of Texas pro-life abortion protesters and released by Progress Texas this week.

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Texas women, y’all. 👑❤️ via #tribtalk

Texas women, y’all. 👑❤️ via #tribtalk

The path to a purple Texas, and eventually a blue Texas, is through changing voter behavior… our population does not vote…. They just sit out elections. One of the reason I believe they sit out is that nobody’s knocked on their door.
Jeff Rotkoff, a Democratic operative based in Austin

(Source: Washington Post)



Now Perry is trying hard to check all the boxes he missed a few years ago. “The last 20 months,” he informs me, “have been spent in a fairly intensive prep mode on all the big issues that face the commander in chief of this country.” Twenty months: In other words, Perry has been working on a reboot since before Mitt Romney’s corpse was cold. Last July, he announced he would not seek a fourth full term as governor. Freed from the Texas trail, he has devoted much time to stumping for fellow Republicans across the country, gathering chits, and reintroducing himself to voters in states such as Florida, Pennsylvania—and, of course, Iowa… THE NEW PERRY isn’t just working harder than his 2012 incarnation. He’s also seeking to occupy a different political space. Last time, Perry ran as a conservative firebrand. This time, with Cruz and others sucking up all the oxygen on the right, he is trying out a new message. Forget the wild-eyed cowboy squawking about how Texas might be forced to secede from the union. Today’s Perry is pitching himself as a thoughtful, seasoned elder statesman.



In a lot of ways Austin is still the blueberry in the tomato soup.
Overheard in ATX
The people of South Texas do not want to and should not have to live in a police state.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) in response to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to send National Guard troops to the border.

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Do border surges work?